July 2016 Writing Update

Dear Diary,

It has been a very long time since I’ve updated my blog, which is a thing I knew would happen because I’m rubbish at social media. I have so little time as it is, I’d much rather be spending it on writing than writing about writing, or pretending to be clever for an audience of approximately no one and maybe my mom.

Which is why instead of writing anything substantial, I’m doing another writing update and adding it to my word count for Camp NaNo (because I’m rubbish at NaNo, too.)

Benson and Cactus:

Psych! There’s no news here. The Benson and Cactus flow has trickled to a stop, and I’m just sitting here waiting to hear anything from other parties involved.

I’m thinking about putting the trailer and one-shot up on here, but I keep running into technical difficulties. One day.

Short Stories:

I do have real, exciting news for this section, but I’m not allowed to go running my mouth about it yet. Without naming names, I have a short horror story coming out in a beautiful hardcover anthology very soon, and I am very happy about it. The usual suspects of my body of short stories still get submitted, come back rejected, get edited, and get submitted again. I’m also hoping to write a new batch after Camp NaNo. I’ve got all these ideas and they just won’t let go.

Things I can’t turn into legit short stories usually end up on hitRECord.

EDIT: Cat’s out of the bag! My short story, Drive Safe, will be appearing in Flame Tree Publishing’s Murder Mayhem. Yusssss.

Shadow of a Boy:

Ninety-nine rejections and counting. I have essentially given up on the agent path for this one, and am now whittling down my list of small, independent publishers. If they reject me, maybe I’ll put this one aside and come back to it in a couple years, but right now Shadow of a Boy looks destined to wallow in obscurity.

Victory Lap:

Ah yes, the book I’m supposed to be writing right now. This contemporary YA full of sex, drugs, swearing, and gender identity your grandmother might scoff at, is my Camp NaNo project. I’m hoping to churn out 30 000 words by the end of the month, and if Riley joins me we’ll have a first draft done. Then I can put it aside, focus on other things for a while, and polish it up in time to write my next exciting adult solo novel for NaNoWriMo.

The Curious Collection of Abigail Prodd:

Last update’s secret project! Miranda and I have just polished the manuscript up enough for her to finally agree to have beta readers tell us everything that’s wrong with it, and after that we’ll be submitting to agents! I have a lot more hope for this one than anything I’ve ever written, which scares me a little. It’s basically a Laika film in book form, only with social justice themes instead of villainizing crossdressers. (The Boxtrolls is one of my favourite movies, but I understand the upset.)

No Thank You, Monsters:

And finally, I have a picture book manuscript out in the world. I love picture books. Much in the way we live in the golden age of quality television, it is a great time for beautiful, funny picture books. I hope Tiffany and her loud, annoying monsters will be joining their ranks soon.

Bam, blogged.

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  1. What is the name of the book your short story The Curious Collection of Abigal Prodd, published in?
    I look forward to reading it.

    All the best

    Auntie Kim

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