On Feminism

Regardless of intentions, it’s a movement’s loudest voice that determines everything: the way it’s perceived, the good or bad that it can do for people. This is why, while supporters of the Gamergate movement defended themselves by saying the movement was about journalistic integrity, all the public saw was the defending of a status quo and the abuse of women. It didn’t matter what their intentions were as a group, because the loudest voices made sure they stood for hate and little else.

This is also why, when I hear about the sects of feminism I’m not a part of, those who embody the Amazon warrior trope, claiming men are lesser and obsolete, I can’t help but shrug. I don’t know if these feminists exist, though my ignorance certainly doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but I honestly don’t really care. They exist along with the feminists who bash trans women and feminists who only stand up for white women, far outside the intersectional safe havens I spend my time in.

I call them bad feminists, but I’m told that’s not true. They’re all different sects of feminist. So maybe it’s wrong of me to call anyone a bad feminist. Maybe I should stick to calling them bad people.

It might just be the articles I read, the culture I’m a part of, but the loudest voice for feminism I hear isn’t fighting for female supremacy. The voices I hear are sticking up for everybody. They aren’t tearing down men and rising up women. They are fighting for men to be seen as caretakers. They fight for men, women, people of colour, and people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum to be seen and heard and respected. And they fight against those who wish to silence the perceived minority.

And I think that’s what the public is hearing, too, when see they Joseph Gordon-Levitt talk about feminism, or when there’s a popular Buzzfeed article about women’s rights, or when women hold topless protests in the name of equality.

Anti-feminists don’t appear to be fighting for anything other than the tearing down of feminism. They say modern feminism is useless and that we should embrace “humanism” or “egalitarianism” (as if one can’t be an egalitarian and a feminist), but they’re not the ones I see fighting for it.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you label yourself. There are bad people who call themselves feminists, and there are good people who rally against feminism. What matters is what your do with your label. How you treat people, no matter their skin colour or sexuality or religion, no matter whether or not they call themselves a feminist.

Being a good person is more than assigning labels.

And let’s be honest, we’ve had hundreds of years to work on men’s issues and Caucasian issues. Just because others want a turn does not mean we need to freak the fuck out and cry about how we’re being “persecuted” and “made into minorities”. In fact, crying about white people being a minority just proves you know how shitty things are for them.


Dear Diary

And so I dive deeper into the murky waters of social media. My blog will likely continue my current trend of neither being seen nor heard, almost as if I really were drowning in the ocean, all alone, while others on the horizon are fished out and given film deals for their survival stories.

I’m being melodramatic. Hopefully there’s not too much of that.

Anyway, I have a blog now. I guess I should, like, put stuff on it. Gonna do that now.